In Bärenpark (April or May, $42), you’re creating a zoo for bears! There’s four types of bears and crazy shaped puzzle pieces that are reminiscent of Patchwork, and amenities tiles for your zoo like Zooloretto, and when you cover up certain undeveloped areas you get certain bonus points or actions like in, well, Bärenpark. Like Patchwork, the conflict seems to be more in obtaining a certain-shaped tile before an opponent does as we all play somewhat separately. (And unlike Patchwork, it plays up to four players.)

The other big news from Mayfair Games is a re-release of Le Harve, expected before Gen Con (mid August, $70). Reprinting the original game, this new boxed edition comes with the Le Grand Hameau expansion and “some other promo cards that have never before been included in the base game.”