The first board game video reviewer to 1 million subscribers is the winner! That’s the premise of Watch This Game!, a new title out of the partnership between publisher Buffalo Games and licensing house Pocket.Watch.

On the box cover are a bunch of kid YouTubers known for their video toy reviews. Inside are dice, dice cups, and cards.

Three new cards each round define the dice combinations needed to acquire subscribers. Players roll their dice as fast as they can, setting aside those they like on each card. The first player to match the full combo on a card gets to book it. When all three have been claimed, a new round begins.

Besides subscriber cards, there are also troll cards, which drive subscribers away from an opponent, glitch cards, which force an opponent to divert their dice away from the subscriber race, and system crash cards, which make them start all over from the beginning.

Watch This Game! is available from Target at $18 and will take up to six players.