How do you like your Pathfinder? The Adventure Omnibus Kickstarter combines every single A, B, and C-series adventure released by (AAW Games) from 2010-2018. And it’s quite extensive, which is to be expected for an eight year omnibus. A-Series dealswith the struggle of nature vs. civilization, with cause and effect as opposed to good and evil having a profound and lasting impact upon the world in which the players exist. The B-series has over 24 adventures designed for use in any campaign setting and a multitude of environments. And finally the C-series involves dungeons and exotic encounters with challenges which are more a battle of cunning and wits than might. You can find the path to adventure (see what i did there?) here.

The thing I love about the next campaign is the warning to not use them as oven mitts. These meeple themed stocking have five days to go as of this post and are set for delivery this year! Do you have a gamer on your Christmas list? (my bad of course you do) You can spread some holiday cheer by chcking out the campaign here.