Adventure Time Fionna and Cake Card Wars 1On new comic book day last week (July 15), KaBoom! Studios launched a brand new title in its Adventure Time series. The Fiona & Cake spinoff now has it’s own Card Wars adventure. What makes the first issue such a treat is that it comes with one exclusive card that is playable with the Cryptozoic game of the same name.

The comic, written by Jen Wang and Britt Wilson, stars Finn and Jake’s opposites, Fionna and Cake. In the story, the duo head out on and adventure where they try to find some other Card Wars players that can compete with Cake’s skills.

Issue #01 comes in multiple different covers, including the main cover, a subscription variant, the BOOM! 10-year anniversary variant (random, rare, and hard to find), and the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive variant.

Each issue comes with one “Sundae School” card for the physical Cryptozoic game, plus a digital download code for one “Music Mallard” card for the digital game.

Head on over to your local comic book shop to see if you can track down any one of the cover variations and add the exclusive card to your game pack. The 32-page comic costs $3.99.

Adventure Time Fionna and Cake Card Wars 2

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Adventure Time Fluxx Coming in July

Adventure Time FluxxLooney Labs is on a roll right now. Earlier this month, the company announced Fluxx Dice, an expansion for the hilariously confusing card game. Now, it turns out Adventure Time is getting its own title in the Fluxx universe.

According to Andrew Looney speaking through Game Trade Magazine, Adventure Time Fluxx will feature a new action card called “The Arena.” With this card, all other players must submit a Keeper to the battle and then must explain why their character would beat the others in a fight. The player that placed The Arena card gets to decide who wins and then gets to keep that Keeper card.

There will be dozens of familiar characters, including a half-dozen princesses, Lemongrab, and even Marceline’s dad, Hunson Abadeer. There is even an action card called “Floop the Keeper” that is a direct reference to the Card Wars episode (which later became a real-life card game).

Adventure Time Fluxx is expected to ship this July for $20.

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced their forthcoming pairing with Finn and Jake’s Adventure Time cartoon.

Once again, Cryptozoic scores a major IP, and it is Adventure Time.  Adventure Time Card Wars is four decks that can be played against each other.  Each deck is themed to a character (Jake, Finn, Beemo and Lady Rainicorn,) and  has standard fantasy card game themes – spells, locations, creatures and hit points.

The physical game will include a code for the digital game being released soon by D3 Publisher. They are no stranger to Adventure Time, having already published “Adventure Time™: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!” and others for Xbox, PS, and Wii platforms.  Card Wars will be a mobile game available for $3.99 and with In-App purchases.

Here’s to hoping that Flame Princess, and Peppermint Butler aren’t far behind.

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