Shurikens fly, swords slash, and Kung’s Fu, in the fast action game – Shuriken!

Shuriken puts you in control of your very own ninja clan, out to destroy everyone and everything.  As you punch your way to supremacy you will learn special techniques to allow your ninja to move faster, farther, and with more deadly force than your opponents.

Shuriken Mock Shuriken Figures

Shuriken is a great fast action game.  If your play group likes “Revolution!” and a few beers,  you have to try Shuriken.  We loved watching the little warriors swarm across the board, only to meet up in the Temple, or the Geisha District, and fight to the death.  We cringed when entire rooms collapsed on our plasticl soldiers, and were amazed at how the techniques combined together to form killing machines.

Fast, furious fun, Awesome Dice has honed in on the best part of a game like this – speed.  They keep the game fast and deadly, and that kept us laughing, and passers-by asking where they could get a copy.  For some great ninja-fu amongst your friends, go back this kickstarter project!

A prototype of Shuriken was provided by Awesome Dice for review.  Awesome Dice is also a Purple Pawn advertiser.