Second Look—Oh My Gods!

Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I first saw Oh My Gods! at CT FIG, where I had a chance to play the game with it’s designer, Tim Blank. Having just done an unboxing of the game, I figured it was time to write up my review.

Oh My Gods! is a game of deduction where you’re trying to figure out which god stole Zeus’s lightning bolt. At the start of the game one god is chosen blindly and hidden from all the players. Each turn you ask the player to your left if they have a specific god, or you can ask if any of the Gods have a specific trait or element. If they’ve got what you’re looking for, they show it to you. You can also play one of your god’s special powers instead of asking a question, though this reveals that god to the entire table.

SkyZeusPlay continues until someone has narrowed down their list to make a guess at who stole Zeus’s bolt. Here’s the catch. You guess wrong and you’re done. Out of the game. Don’t fret, though. Oh My Gods! plays quick, so waiting for the next game won’t take long.

My family and I really enjoyed this one. The rulebook is clear, the art was appealing to all of us, and the gameplay give us more than something like Guess Who, and isn’t a chore to setup and play like Clue. We’re actually heading out on vacation this week, and Oh My Gods! has been packed up to come with us to play on slow afternoons.

You can snag Oh My Gods! from Gameworthy Labs for $24.98.

A copy of Oh My Gods! was provided free for review by Gameworthy Labs.

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CT FIG – Oh My Gods! by Gameworthy Labs

CT FIGIt was hard to miss Gameworthy Labs‘ booth at CT FIG, seeing as they were dressing in togas and had a GIANT banner. It’s no wonder they won the Most Spirit award at the end of the day. Of course their game, Oh My Gods!, also was a runner-up for Best in Show. I’ll be going more in-depth with the game soon, as a review copy is on its was to my doorstep, but I’ll give you a quick overview.

It’s like Guess Who on steroids.

Oh My Gods!

Well, not really. That would do a disservice to the game. What it is is a clever deduction game with a bit of bluffing and strategy tossed in. One of the Greek gods has stolen Zeus’ bolt, and it’s up to the players to figure out who. This involves trying to figure out what the other players have in their hands, cleverly using your Gods’ powers to stack the deck in your favor, and finally guessing who the hidden thief is.

I played a quick demo game at the show, which had a limited roster of gods to play with and played in around 5 minutes. It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to dig into the full game with all it has to offer!

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CT FIGYesterday I had the pleasure of attending, and judging at, the first annual Connecticut Festival of Indie games, hosted by Geek Fever Games at Elm City Games in New Haven, CT. Jason Miceli of GeekFever served as MC and organizer, while Matt Loter of Elm City Games (and Prettiest Princess Games) was the overly enthusiastic, yet charming, host.
The day was full of gaming, with loads of indie game developers showing off their designs to a building full of attendees. Every nook and cranny was filled with booths, and a lot of laughter good times were had all around. It was hard to believe when 4:00pm rolled around and it was time for the judges to meet and pick their favorite games in each category. It took about an hour of deliberation, but the winners were announced shortly after 5:00pm.

Best Artwork:
Dragoon, Lay Waste Games

Best 1st Impression:
Moon Quake Escape, Pair of Jacks

Most Innovative:
Depths of Durangrar, Creative Cove Games

Most Spirit:
Oh My Gods, Gameworthy Labs

Best in Show:  
Dragoon, Lay Waste Games

Best in Show runner-up: Guardians of AsunDur, DPH Studioz
Best in Show runner-up: Grab the Booty, Counter Meta Games
Best in Show runner-up: Originz the Superpowered Card Game, Flavor Faction

I’d like to congratulate all the winners. Competition was tough, and there was a lot of great games shown at the festival. CT FIG was a huge success, and I can’t wait until next year’s festival to see what it brings.

I’ll have some more coverage of what I saw at the show soon, so keep a look out.

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