Second Look—Yu-Gi-Oh World Superstars

World SuperstarsWhile I’m still fairly new to Yu-Gi-Oh, it doesn’t take a genius to realize how insane the cards that come in World Superstars booster packs are. Each 5-card booster pack comes with only foil cards, as each card in the 50 card set is nothing but. Many of the cards I received were XYZ monsters, or cards that boost them. My son and I went from not being able to play with an Extra Deck, to each having a rather impressive one. The game has definitely stepped up for us.

You can snag these booster packs for as little at $3, which may seem like a lot for 5 cards. Trust me. These puppies pack a punch. Even one pack will probably get you something to bring your deck to the next level.

Like I said. My son are I are just getting into the swing of things, but World Superstars whetted our appetites for more Yu-Gi-Oh now that we’ve got some power to work with.

Several World Superstars booster packs were provided free for review by Konami

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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Superstars Available April 17

Coming April 17th, World Superstars will contain 52 new cards that break up into 34 Super Rares and 18 prismatic Secret Rares. That’s right. Every card in the set is a foil card. Also, out of those 52 cards are 50 cards never before seen outside of Japan and Korea. The last two cards are reprints of the prize cards from the 2012 World Championship in Tokyo: Legendary Dragon of White and Legendary Magician of Dark.

Each five-card World Superstars pack contains four Super Rares and one prismatic Secret Rare (a special version of Secret Rare not seen in many years) for an MSRP of $3.99.

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