Tony Go has a reissue of Deep Space D-6, which has packaging reminiscent of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, which is really what grabbed my attention. This is a slightly revised edition of a single-player game kickstarted a few years back, where you roll crew dice to assign them to stations on board your spaceship to complete a mission… in spaaaaace! “Slightly revised” as in “we’re reprinting the whole thing and adding a new mini expansion”. Check out the original campaign for details, then go and support the reissue campaign. A $20 pledge gets you a copy of the game in December.

If you asked me who the top three Cthulhu RPG developers are, Graham Walmsley is on that short list. Graham is bringing Cthulhu Dark to print. He describes it as a “tabletop roleplaying game of cosmic horror, with stripped-back rules that drive a bleak and terrifying story”, Cthulhu Dark is a 200 page book that focuses on the mystery and the bleak horror of Lovecraft’s work. The majority of the book is done, except final editing and layout, so the PDF will be available just after the campaign ends. Physical copies are estimated in December and can be yours for as little as GBP32 (roughly 41 USD).

Texas Hold’em with ZOMBIES. Because sure, why not?  A physical copy of the game in November is a reward for a $25 pledge.

unPresidented: Bigger and Better is a board game where an easily manipulated president of an unnamed country has just been elected and you’re trying to push your agenda by getting him to pass the policies you want. Get the buffoon to pass more of your policies than your fellow party members’ without having the approval rating of the figurehead dropping too low, and you win! While there isn’t much detail on how the game plays, it looks like there was some actual thought put into this game, unlike the dozens of other Trump-themed game-like objects that have appeared on Kickstarter over the past year. (Note: don’t confuse this with Unpresidented Biggerer and Betterer, which doesn’t look as good.)  55 Canadian bucks (about 41 USD or 32 GBP [see Cthulhu Dark]), gets you a copy in November.

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zombies_se_01Mayfair announced today that it has purchased a controlling interest in Twilight Creations, creators of the much-loved Zombies!!! series of games. Kerry Breitenstein remains on board as VP of Design and Production, while Mayfair’s Loren Roznai will be taking over as President and control day-to-day operations. Mayfair will also be taking over all sales and logistics, though there will be no change in distributors.

You’ll be able to see Zombies!!! at the Mayfair booth at Origins this year, while at GenCon there will still be both a Mayfair Games and Twilight Creations booth.

Is this deal a “no-brainer?” We’ll have to see how well it plays out in the future.


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Zombies Jr. 1Twilight Creations has made a name for itself thanks to the hilarious zombie invasion board game, Zombies!!! With a variety of spinoffs and 14 expansions, you can really explore a world of the undead apocalypse. Grab a baseball bat from the sporting goods store and a chainsaw from the home goods store and make your way to the helipad before it is too late. Brain-munching hilarity ensues.

The company recently announced the upcoming launch of a kid-friendly version called Zombies!!! Jr., which features all new artwork that is as adorable as can be, something you wouldn’t have thought possible with guts-loving undead monsters.

In Zombies!!! Jr., players are the kids and they are trying to fend off the grown-ups, who have all suddenly got a taste for brains. The game replaces some cards with more iconic kid stuff, like a “narf” gun, the playground bully and “Game Box 360” action card, which makes the target player unable to move for a turn.

Zombies!!! Jr. for players eight and up comes with 20 map tiles, 30 cards, 50 zombies, plastic heart tokens and the rest of the items that come with the base game. It will retail for $25 and is expected to ship in August of 2015.

Zombies Jr. 2

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Army Painter Zombicide ContestThe Army Painter is holding a contest for three Zombicide paint sets and all you have to do is “like” the contest post (and share it with friends) by Feb. 15.

The contest is for one Core Zombie Paint Set, one Toxic/Prison Paint Set, and one Survivor Paint Set. That is a total of 22 specially designed paints specific for the Zombicide board game miniatures.

The winner of the contest will also receive two exclusive survivors that are hand painted by Army Painter Aps owner Jonas Faering.

To be entered into the contest, “like” the contest announcement post on Facebook. Be sure to share the post with friends. There is no official direction for entry, but the announcement reads, “To enter the amazing The Army Painter Prize Draw you must click “Like” on this post and tell your friends to do the same.”

The contest ends Feb. 15, so get over there and enter before it is too late.

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Zombies!!! Third Edition

Zombies-3rd-Edition-Cover-OnlyTwilight Creations has just announced Zombies!!! Third Edition. This new edition of the game adds new features such as playing Zombies as a team, cooperative play, and several new scenarios. There are also four new zombies figures, survivor tokens for scenario play and door tokens. All the rules and cards have been updated, but the game is still fully compatible with all other editions.

Release is set for September, which should give you plenty of time to snag it before Halloween.

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