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Serpent StonesOne of the first games I saw, and got to play, at Toy Fair was Serpent Stones by Robert Harrington. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Robert is selling the game through Game Salute, which you can preorder for $40. The game is easy to learn, smooth the play, and has a good amount of strategy.

Using warrior cards, Nahualli cards, and Teotl cards you battle, capture, and give yourself a tactical advantage to play and capture your opponent’s temple stone. An expansion will also be available that adds barriers that block off areas of the board, and includes 3 more types of special action cards.

ZpocolypseI also got a chance to meet the designer of Zpocolypse, Jeff Gracia, at the Game Salute booth. A really cool feature of the game comes in the rulebook. Every page of the rulebook has a QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone to access video clips of play examples of the rules on that page.

Another Kickstarter success story, Zpocolypse can be preordered for $60.

For more info on the game, see our previous post about it from October of last year.