mp-header-globe.pngWe brought word to you about the third Monsterpocalypse set a while back (All Your Base) and there was a small teaser about the fourth set – Monsterpocalypse Now! Word has finally leaked out about this expansion and its enough to make my kaiju-lovin’ heart skip a beat. Monsterpocalypse Now! will be the second starter block of the Monsterpocalypse line and will feature six new factions:

  • Elemental Champions
  • Empire of the Apes
  • Subterran Uprising
  • Savage Swarm
  • Tritons
  • UberCorp International

This new block is expected to serve as a jumping on point for new players and provide a greater number of options for existing players. Monsterpocalypse Now! will ship in starter sets, monster packs and unit packs like those used in the original Rise! series. Players willing to shell out the big bucks for a case of monsters and units will receive the extremely rare King Kondo figure (we’re guessing this one is part of the Empire of the Apes). Monsterpocalypse Now! will hit store shelves in October 2009!