valkia-the-bloody_small.pngWhen you’re good, you’re good. You may remember us bringing you the rumor of a third title in Fantasy Flight Games‘ Living Card Game series and speculating that it was probably utilizing the Games Workshop intellectual property (we even talked a little bit about the fan favorite, Battlecry CCG that used the fantasy license). Not content to let us revel in idle speculation, FFG announced the newest LCG yesterday – Warhammer: Invasion. The newest LCG features the Warhammer Fantasy races currently available in the Warhammer: Age of Reckoning MMO and seems to feature a basic resource management plus monsters approach to gameplay. Its interesting that the game is lining up with the MMO rather than taking advantage of the larger Warhammer Fantasy universe (though the artwork released to date does look original). The game will ship with materials for up to four players (decks, player boards and various chits) and will retail for $39.95 (US) with an October release date.