Gamer Lifestyle LogoSeveral months ago I brought you a story about a book that promised “glory and riches while working with roleplaying games.” Today, there’s competition of a sort from something called Gamer Lifestyle. No, it doesn’t promise riches. Rather, it offers a coaching program to help you “create a steady, reliable income” from professional work in the RPG industry. On the other hand, instead of $30 for the book, this one is $447 for a “5 months course + lifetime membership.”

I’m familiar with the internet marketing hype and have read a lot of advice on product launches and membership sites, so consider me skeptical. Still, to be fair, let’s give the guys a chance to justify their fee with their own words. 

Purple Pawn: I think it’s commonly known that it’s extremely rare to make a decent living as a professional in the game industry. Why is it worth $400+ dollars to subscribe to your program?

Johnn Four of Gamer Lifestyle: We feel – and have proven – that you can make a stable income from RPG if you have a good strategy backed with a solid game plan. Our course is focused on helping aspiring writers generate a high quality product that customers want, and to make their first dollar in 90 days. We also cover generating cumulative effects from members’ efforts so they continue to build their income over time. It’s hard work, but work that can be fit into busy schedules.

Purple Pawn: No offense, but you’re not the most well-known names in the industry. What makes you qualified to instruct others and, again, charge such a fee?

Johnn Four of Gamer Lifestyle: At Yax has posted his income for the past few months ongoing. You can also check his results at building a successful website – – and you can verify his traffic, subscriber count, and community engagement through independent sources. His growing commercial success is not a fluke. It’s the result of solid business principles and a business plan, which he shows to members. My ezine, website, blog, books, and freelance credits also demonstrate knowledge in how to be successful in the industry.

Purple Pawn: What differentiates your program from other sources of similar information, including the book “I Am Mongoose, And So Can You,” as well as other free advice available on-line?

Johnn Four of Gamer Lifestyle: The membership offers one-on-one coaching and detailed instructions that we have not ever encountered in other sources and had to learn ourselves over time by taking action, learning, and taking more action. The blog reveals sample content, such as the post on logo design, and the free report gives anyone a taste of what’s inside the membership. You can also view the curriculum [], which we posted online today. We feel that there is a lot of information about what to do out there to be successful, but not exactly how to do it, which is what we focus on.

We worry that a lot of gamers are too focused on products *they* want to create, and that some proven business advice, plus in-depth information on product creation and marketing, will help them avoid the mistakes low-selling titles have made. We hope that gamers serious about starting a business or career in RPG will join Gamer Lifestyle before the doors close on Sunday. I’m not sure, but I don’t believe other commercial products that are similar are offering a money-back guarantee either like we are, but I could be wrong about that.