hasbro_logoHasbro has started its biggest marketing blitz for some time.

In addition to the already covered new Monopoly City, Monopoly City Streets, deal with Marvel, planned Hasbro TV, XBLA Channel, line of clothing, and their blitz of Hasbro property-themed movies in the works …

Hasbro is teaming up with furniture retailers to create in-store game night promotions from Jan 18 to Mar 12. (source)

Hasbro convinced Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Hugh Jackman, Heidi Klum, Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi to sign onto Project Zambi, selling stuffed elephants to raise money to help poor kids in Zambia. (source)

In other marketing blitz news:

Mattel is creating special Make-a-Wish dolls. (source)

At the upcoming Chicago Toy and Game Fair, Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games is committed to publish at least one game pitched to him at the event. (source)