Ultramarines, a Warhammer Movie

On Sunday, Games Workshop announced Ultramarines, a Warhammer movie based in the 40K universe.  There’s not much info right now other than that the movie will be 70 minutes of CGI goodness, and that it will be released straight to DVD.

There’s already a microsite set up for the film, a youtube account, twitter feed, Flickr account, and Facebook page.  All of these have little, or no information as of right now.

I haven’t played 40K since around 2003, but I used to love the universe it was set in.  The thought of seeing Space Marines (the faction I used to play) in a full-length movie has me very excited.  I’m sure a lot could go wrong with this movie, but I’m hoping that’s not the case.  Here’s to hoping we’ll some Eldar, Tyranids, Necron, or even some (Your favorite here).

We’ve seen at least 3 movies attempts in the past.  Let’s hope this one goes all the way.