BattleLore HeroesWe called this one “long-awaited” in November of last year. But now, the BattleLore: Heroes expansion is actually available! The set represents a new direction for the game, and perhaps explains some of the difficulties that prompted Days of Wonder to sell it to Fantasy Flight. From early on, BattleLore fans were focused on expansions, and particularly interested in those that addressed the fantasy and adventure aspects of the game. This proved more than Days of Wonder could manage. Though it’s taken them more than a year, Fantasy Flight Games appears to have a good sense of what the market demands. I was happy to have the Hundred Years War expansion, but I’m not surprised to see Fantasy Flight leading off with sets that add individuals and monsters—Heroes, Creatures, and Dragons.

Heroes includes 10 unique miniatures for 5 hero classes, more than 100 cards and 40 tokens, and a rules booklet with seven “adventures,” demonstrating its move toward a fantasy RPG-style game, and away from its Commands & Colors battlefield roots. The question remains, though, has the eagerness of fans been maintained over all those months, or have they given up and learned to accept what they already have?