cthulhu-pumpkinHalloween is just over a week away, and rather than subject you yet again to our opinions on this occasion, we thought we’d present the recommendations of some friends for holiday-appropriate horror games—

Game designer and author, Jess Hartley suggests Betrayal at House on the Hill because it’s spooky and never the same twice. Also,

For a sillier (but still appropriate for Halloween) game, I love Give Me The Brain. I mean, come on – zombies in a fast food restaurant? Anyone who’s worked at a burger chain, especially on a late night shift, knows that Give Me The Brain is only unrealistic in that the crew in the game actually /has/ one brain between them. Most of our staff-shifts didn’t.

For a good scare, podcaster and aspiring media mogul, Don Dehm picks roleplaying games like Call of Cthulhu or Hunter. In the board game category, Don likes zombie-filled Last Night on Earth and the new Lovecraftian cooperative game, Witch of Salem.

From publisher North Star Games, owners Dominic Crapuchettes and Satish Pillalamarri go modern and recommend Pandemic. PR Director, Luke Warren, used to be a big fan of the RPG Chill.