ZombieIt’s that time of year again! Time to dust off all the spooky games you have lying around the house, or maybe even time to buy some new ones! Here’s a roundup of some great games featuring zombies to help get in the mood of the season.

A Touch of Evil – A cooperative game where each player takes the role of a monster hunter trying to uncover a supernatural evil in town.

Zombie in my Pocket – A solo, print-and-play game where you’re navigating a house full of zombies trying to find and bury an ancient relic. There’s also a multiplayer version produced by Cambridge Games Factory.

Zombiegeddon – A strategic, perfect information zombie game by Reiner Knizia.  Gather supplies then hold your ground.

All Things Zombie, The Boardgame – A board game based off the award winning 2006 miniatures title of the same name.

Age of Steam: The Zombie Apocalypse – Trains and zombies?  This is a no brainer (pun totally intended.)

That’s a lot of zombies right there, folks.  This list couldn’t be complete with out CARCASSassonne, a fan made, zombie themed Carcassonne.