Update: At the request of Nate Scheidler, Director of Communications for the Chicago Toy and Game Group, I have retracted the post that was originally here and am replacing it with this release from Nate:

In June 2009, Chicago Toy and Game Fair unrolled a test program in which it installed game displays in cooperation with a major airline. Thanks to positive customer feedback, Chicago Toy and Game has now negotiated a nationwide pilot program with this airline in which game and toy displays will be installed at multiple airport club locations nationwide in early 2010.

Game displays are being established to allow customers to enjoy playing board games during flight delays and layovers, without having to worry about the added bulk in their luggage.

Publishers participating in the program are Days of Wonder, Mayfair Games, Rio Grande Games, Buffalo Games, HL Games, and Jumbo Blocks.

Nate Scheidler

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