Dallas, TX: One guy shoots another at a Dominoes game, for no apparent reason. (source)

Belize: Fugitive Chess teacher / sexual predator Robert Snyder, who was featured on America’s Most Wanted in November, has been captured in Belize as a direct result of being featured on the TV program. (source, via) He was once again teaching Chess to children, under the name Augustin Rios, and was remarried to a policewoman.

Dauphin County, PA: A proposal is launched to fight violent crime using the revenues from card games played at Pennsylvania casinos. (source) And I’m guessing that the next proposal will be to use proceeds from legalized marijuana to fight heavy drug trafficking.

Vineland, NJ: Police arrest pool hall owner for taking cuts from illegal dice games and selling liquor. (source)

Pine Bluff, AK: Two guys shot dead while playing poker – shot first through the window and then after the door is kicked down. (source)

Oakland, CA: Two teens rob a man of $100 after he refuses to join their dice game. (source)

CNBC takes a look at illegal gambling around the US. (source)