On the subject of Spinjas, Battle Strikers, and other battling tops, Hasbro (together with Tomy, licensed through Nelvana) has revamped their formerly massively popular [1] Beyblade battling tops in line with the revamp of the Beyblade anime series, which is now Beyblade: Metal Fusion. The new line is also massively popular, with over 10 million units already sold. Now the anime and the toys are coming to the US.

You can find out about the original Beyblades (first produced by Takara-Tomy) at World Beyblade forums.

The list of anime-inspired battling tops also includes a series of battling tops from Pokemon called Battle Wheel Battling Tops, as well as a Battle B-daman Speed Hex Arena.

[1] It sold over 100 million units from 2002 to 2005.