Several US states are attempting to pass legislation to legalize controlled gambling, while other states are attempting to pass legislation to further criminalize gambling. It’s enough to make one’s head spin. Meanwhile, Estonia has just legalized online gambling. (source)

Following last week’s debacle about two basketball players who got into a gun battle over a gambling dispute that occurred on a plane the day before, the NBA and its teams are coming out with pronouncements about whether they will or won’t allow gambling (dice and card games) in the future … on planes. Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets, and Washington Wizards ban gambling. Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics don’t ban gambling. (source, source, source)

Las Vegas and Macau are up. (source) Atlantic City is down (way down). (source)

After Florida allowed in-state casinos to run card games, four of their gambling cruise ships went out of business. (source)

A new law says that if you gamble in Indiana and owe child support, the casino might keep your winnings. (source)

South Carolina is making lots of money off of illegal gambling that it busts, in particular the police departments who do the busts get to keep a lot of the money to buy guns, cars, snoop equipment, and “You are driving XXX MPH” signs. But they could still be making a lot more money if they legalized gambling. (source)