It’s been a bit since we first talked about PowerMage 54, but I’ve finally gotten a chance to play the game. Corey L. Kliewer both designed, and illustrated the game, and has setup a website for it here.

At its most base, the game is a “draw-a-card, choose-an-action” type of game.  Each player starts with 5 cards, and 100 hit points.  The goal of the game is to get the other player down to 0 hit points.

When you start your turn, you draw a card.  You now have several options:

  • Attack
  • Increase Health
  • Use an ability from a Face card, or Thump card
  • Pass (if you have 5 or less cards)

Each action is pretty straight forward, and there are some interesting combinations you can use when it comes to Face cards and Thump cards.

The action is fairly fast pace once you get the hang of things, and I was pleasantly surprised by the gameplay.  The special actions and Thump cards add some variety into the play, and really make the game interesting.  You can speed the game up even more by using a varient where you half your hit points when the deck is reshuffled.

My one complaint about the game?  Putting the numbers and suits from a standard deck of cards onto the cards.  It somehow cheapens the game.  My first thought was “Oh, the designer thought ‘Hey, you may not like my game, but at least you can play any game that requires a standard deck of cards if you don’t’.”

So, PowerMage 54…Should you check it out?

Yes, you should. Corey has created a solid, entertaining game in a small package.

Besides, the game is only $7 from its website.

If you want to check out the rules before you buy, you can find there here.