In addition to the new Matt Leacock cooperative game, here are some other games upcoming from Gamewright in 2010:

Bingo Link: A cross between Bingo and Hex. Well not really, but you call out items on your board, hoping to be the first to link two sides of your board. Probably no longer playable once you memorize all of the boards (though that could require some amazing memory and so still be rather tricky).

Story Cubes: A dice game equivalent of conversation cards.

Dweebies: Take matching cards at the ends of columns and rows. Great name.

Sounds Like a Plan: An Apples to Apples game of giving advice: one puts down an activity, and everyone else throws down advice.

Sumo Ham Slam: Can’t tell. Looks like a Hungry Hungry Hippos type game of knocking your opponent and food cubies about.

Take the Cake: Shake the sprinkler and take any items that fall out if they match the card. I’d say that it might be good for wee folks, but I’m afraid that it looks like a choking hazard.

Hide and Eek: A roll and move game, but with an added element that as soon as you move, you look for elephants that are higher or lower than “your card” and have to quickly grab the mouse token if you spot a mouse. Or something like that.

Order’s Up: Roll dice to pick up items that match your tray. Roll a bell and be the first to bang on it.