201003091804.jpgThe folks over at the Obsidian Portal (makers of campaign management software – to which you could win an Ascendent membership to in our “Read a RPG in Public” context </end shameless plug>) just posted the first of a two-part interview with Matt Wilson, head honcho over at Privateer Press where he started by dropping a bombshell – Privateer Press will be releasing a new, updated version of the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Iron Kingdoms is the in-house setting for Privateer Press’ properties set in a world of steampunk mechs powered by powerful mages inhabiting a highly political and violent world of dragon gods, religious zealots and other fantasy goodness and has always been one of my personal favorite settings. The old game was based on the D20 system (party of the explosion of D20 licensed materials), but the new version will be based on a proprietary system. No word on a firm release date, but Matt seemed to indicate that we shouldn’t expect it until 2011.