After covering some free autism games and some handmade autism games, here’s a brief look at three companies that sell games for as therapy products for autistic people.

Children Succeed: Four games and some toys created by school psychologist Joan Nash. These look like simple and straightforward card games, and the site is well-designed and informative.

Autism Coach: The site includes many, many, many third-party books, DVDs, strange dietary supplements, toys, and games (mostly co-operative games, such as those of Family Pastimes). I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of any of their products. The site is not very well designed, but you can get around if you try.

Ryuu – The Game: This site sells only one game, but it’s pretty interesting looking. Not the game play, which is minimal (as would be expected). Ryuu (Japanese for dragon, apparently) looks very much like a (non)-collectible card game: fancy cards with fantasy graphics, flavor text, a complete story world, defined characters, and dark and light forces locked in combat.