Folks were bullish over Mattel’s acquisition of the Monster High license, but their line of dolls aimed at girls has caused some ire. The dolls’ figures appear to out-Barbie Barbie, and the dolls’ descriptions indicate that the dolls spend their time trying to look pretty by waxing, shaving, and plucking. (source)

Ok, that’s not really about games. Here you go:

The Telegraph reports on a study that children as young as five have been exposed to explicit sexual content in schools in the forms of books and at least one card game. The game’s name is not mentioned, but it apparently describes some common alternate sexual activities, possibly in an educational manner. (source)

Meanwhile over in Shanghai, we have another example of poor journalism at work. The confusing story notes the complaint of a single anonymous parent, and it’s not clear if the complain is about a modern game that had a single cartoon-like sexual image or about the usual games that have been available to adults since at least the 1960’s (though perhaps not in China). (source) Update: It appears to be a generic adult game. (source)