A scant 9 days after our last post and things are really hopping on Kickstarter. Furthermore, the site is starting to be used by larger, experienced, traditional designers and publishers, and not only first-timers.

A show of hands: if projects keep getting added at this pace, how many readers want this roundup to be weekly?

Here are new projects since the last post:

Project Description Required Raised Ends
Startup Fever
Meetpoint LLC
A Euro-style game about starting an Internet company and protecting/stealing each others’ employees. Featured on TechCrunch. $10,111 $10,314 62 days
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Daniel Solis
A coming of age story-telling game. $4,000 $10,559 42 days
Machine Age Productions
An RPG about once-in-a-lifetime dramatic moments. $2,500 $922 28 days
FRED Distribution
A pattern-guessing word game, reprint of a 1973 title. $5,000 $2,065 25 days
Star Wars Miniatures GPA Mystery Map
Adventurer’s Atlas
A map for Star Wars miniatures: Outlaw City and the Sinkhole World. $1,300 $640 64 days
The Squire
Stone Tower Miniatures
First release, a 54 mm miniature. $1,100 $145 22 days
Museum Jackpot
Robert Huston
A board game, looking a lot like Masterpiece, about buying and selling museum pieces. $3,500 $0 56 days
Laffano Games
A roll-and-move board game, looking a lot like Sorry, about a road trip. $12,000 $0 52 days