Happy Holidays! Its the end of 2011 and Ben and Rett finally get back into the studio and revisit all their (and their listeners’) predictions for 2011. Who was right? Who was wrong? Who failed epicly? Yes, there’s a reason why most pundits never dredge up their old predictions. Tune in and find out how they did – and a quick recap of the week’s news.

Our next show will be at the end of January and cover the upcoming New York Toy Fair as well as our fearless (or is it feckless?) 2012 Predictions. Of note: Paper Money is moving to a once a month schedule. We apologize to everyone who’s been wondering where the show is every 2 weeks, but Real Life has been intruding pretty heavily on our game – and game business – time, so we thought we’d adjust the show schedule to fit reality. :)

And finally, Ben wanted to thank Santa for his copy of Kings & Things. And GURPS 4th Ed. Kind of an old school Christmas, but it works!