Paper Money is a podcast about the production and business aspects of the game industry featuring Ben Clark and Rett Kipp.

purplepawn1_smToday, February 7th, marks the 6th anniversary of Purple Pawn’s launch! Congratulations to all involved—writers, editors, supporters, and you wonderful readers as well!

Six years ago, Yehuda Berlinger started Purple Pawn with the mission of publishing “game news across the board”. On that day, he began with articles about Ticket to Ride appearing in the Sally Forth comic strip and a charity board game event being held at Bowling Green State University.

Since then, we have published 6,187 articles and the site has been visited by over a million individuals! Over its 6 year history, Purple Pawn has had its ups and downs but the staff remains committed to providing you a source of news covering all types of games, and to work at making the site even better.

Thank you Yehuda for your vision. And thank you to my current colleagues Robert, Randy, Sam, and Thomas for keeping us going.

Paper Money #70: Trade Show Recap

Hey everyone! After doing battlw with cray schedules and technical mishaps, we are back with show 70. Rett was busy, attending Gama Trade Show (GTS) in Las Vegas and the ACD Open House in scenic Madison, WI. We talk about those shows as well as the importance of iPad/iPhone versions of games. We also ramble on about various other topics as well. All in all, a well spent 43 minutes or so for you, the listener.

Paper Money – New episode soon

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that Rett and I will be back soon. As soon as Rett returns from GAMA Trade Show later this week, we’ll be recording a new show. Until then, enjoy your favorite game with some friends or keep working on your own new game.

–Ben Clark

Paper Money #69: 2013 Predictions

On the eve of NY Toy Fair, Ben and Rett sat down to make their calls for the coming year in games. This was way back in the old days of this past weekend, when Popes didn’t retire. That said, you’ll have to listen to find out how accurate they are. And how entertaining. And witty. And handsome. (I probably shouldn’t be allowed to right my own press). In any case, listen in for this year’s takes on everything from the RPG market to Miniatures and Historicals as well as the manufacturing climate and everything in between.

Paper Money #68: 2012 Recap

Did Ben and Rett do better than the Mayans at predicting the events of 2012? Find out as they go back through their predictions from last December point by point! And you can join in for 2013! Send us your 2013 predictions and we’ll include them on our next show. A perfect way to spend a cold January evening.

Paper Money #67: Fall Conventions

Hello again! Like old friends or bad pennies, we have returned after a long absence. This week, Rett and Ben discuss GenCon, TAGIE, BGG.Con, and the Alliance Open House as well as Games Workshop’s latest legal maneuvering. Also, Rett’s new office chair is very squeaky and Ben is jealous that Rett has fans. Enjoy! We’ll have another show out later this month for our year end recap.

Paper Money Will Return Shortly

Ya know… Rett and I got busy right after GenCon and we figured we’d miss the end of August show, but we also figured we’d record a new show as soon as we got a handle on things. Well, here it is mid-November and we are *still* without a new show. Yes, it has been that busy! The good news is that Rett is returning from BGG.con with all sorts of amazing news and insights and we’ll be recording a new episode shortly after Thanksgiving.


Thanks for your kind patience!

-Ben Clark



Welcome to the calm before the storm. We are in the doldrums of summer, as manufacturers scurry silently towards Indianapolis – which means darn little news this week. Still, Ben and Rett make the most of it, discussing Gen Con and Origins dates out through 2020, dissecting some tidbits of news and answering reader mail about “expected value” and PDF product. We’ll see everyone next week at Gen Con. Drop us an email or post on the show notes or catch Rett at his home away from home (guess which booth?).

Well, we survived the heat wave.. barely. We recorded the show Sunday night complaining about the lack of news and new product announcements. Paizo, of course, was releasing their new product announcements as we were recording. Thus, you should ignore the part of the show wherein we say there’ll be no news revelations until closer to GenCon. You SHOULD, however, listen to the show and enjoy the discussion of Kickstarter, WotC’s D&D 3.5 reprints, their new D&D Command minis game, and a wonderful aside on whether or not Spiderman jumped the shark, or at least the gun, with a series reboot after only 3 movies. All that plus reader mail and a comedic call for replacements for the “elderly” Mr. Rett Kipp.

PaperMoney #64: All About Boxes

Ben and Rett are back with a hard hitting expose on…boxes. Well, maybe not an expose, but it is the long-feared “All About Boxes” episode. We have lots of news on Origins and other summer fun bits, too. Hopefully, all of this will make you forget the fact that we were very late getting the show out!

And we have an actual link for you:
Ed Pugh’s Evolution of Distribution video

Running Time: Just over 50 minutes of amazing and insightful industry commentary.

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