This is exactly what inspires us to write about games!

On Wednesday, I wrote about oversized games (sometimes also called garden games) and today we were contacted by Rob from the Village of Seething to let us know about their event scheduled for this weekend—building and playing a giant-sized Kerplunk.

A little while ago, some of the villagers got together over drinks at the local pub and started an organization they call the Homage de Fromage Cheese Club, which I gather isn’t so much about cheese as it is about organizing fun activities to bring the community together.

And what could be better for that than games!

And so it was written that the villagers would come together once a year and build and play a giant children’s game to remember Lefi Ganderson – The Goat Boy of Mount Seething.

Since 2009 this age old tradition has been celebrated. Starting with Mousetrap, then Buckaroo and Hungry Hippos. Kerplunk will finish the first four year cycle of games. As per the ancient book the villagers will then vote on which game shall be built in 2013 (The Year of Goatliness).

Here is a video of last year’s giant Hungry Hungry Hippos.