Webster Chess BillboardAthletes at Webster University in Missouri aren’t happy with a billboard posted by the college along I-70 outside St. Louis. Picturing two members of the Chess team dressed for sport, the billboard reads, “Our top recruits are Chess players—Webster University”.

Webster has a very active Chess program, recruits players from around the world, and was the winner of the previous President’s Cup national college Chess championship (also known as the Chess final four). Yet athletes at the university are calling the billboard “degrading” and “a slap in the face.” They’re complaining that “Chess isn’t a sport” and that the billboard has “damaged the name of Webster University.”

Some have launched a Twitter campaign to get the university to remove the billboard.

According to Webster’s Director of Public Relations, Patrick Giblin, the sign is meant as a PR counter to an adjacent, long-standing series of University of Missouri billboards, which promote that institution’s athletic achievements.

[via The Journal]