Dungeons & DragonsA March 25th trial date has been set for claims and counterclaims over the rights to produce a Dungeons & Dragons movie.

In tentative oral rulings issued January 17th, U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee denied certain of Sweetpea Entertainment’s motions for summary judgement.

I think there is ample evidence for a jury to decide whether or not there has been contributory infringement.

At the same time, Judge Gee said that she would be granting Sweetpea’s motion in regards to Hasbro’s claim of direct infringement. Sweetpea had asserted that there could be no direct infringement because the script that it had offered was rejected by its partner, Warner Bros. Pictures.

The judge also indicated that she would probably deny Hasbro’s motions for summary judgement on Sweetpea’s counterclaims for trademark infringement, while granting Hasbro’s motion with regard to Sweetpea’s claim of copyright infringement.

[via Law360]

UPDATE: Changes, based on corrections at source, made 1/28/2014.