Game Bandit - Scouring the net to find the cheapest discount boardgames and best free boardgame prizesThis Saturday is Free RPG Day, when participating local game shops give out free samples from roleplaying game publishers.

Chaosium is holding a Blow-out Sale to clear the warehouse of all “non-standard” items. The discount is 50% for BRP and Call of Cthulhu monographs, novelties, and accessories; licensed Call of Cthulhu products; non-English books; and Nephilim. The discount is 75% for remaining stock of Eternal Champion and d20 Call of Cthulhu. And there’s a 10% discount for everything else. Be warned, though, the discounts won’t show until you hit the shopping cart.

The Texas Flood Relief Bundle at RPGNow represents an 87% savings, and the money collected goes to the Texas Red Cross.

UK residents have an opportunity to win Stratego: Battle of Waterloo (published by Jumbo Games) from Culture24.

Five people will win Twister and three pairs of socks from Extra TV.

Travel toys and games are on-sale at Amazon.

Everything in Cubicle 7’s webstore is 25% off in the company’s Summer Salesplosion. Just use coupon code “SUMMERP25” if paying in pounds or “SUMMERD25” if paying in dollars.

RAINN Studios is giving away War of Kings. Tweet and follow required.

Game Night, a novel that I loved and reviewed a while ago, is currently on-sale in Kindle edition for 99¢.

For free shipping from on Jurassic World games and toys, use promo code “JWSHIP”.

Talisman: Digital Edition and selected expansions are on-sale across platforms.

A 15 day free trial is available for the Pathfinder Online MMO.

The Steam Summer Sale includes BattleLore: Command from Fantasy Flight Games at 60% off. Or from sister company Days of Wonder the Ticket to Ride Complete Pack is 33% off and includes Small World 2, the Small World 2 Complete Pack is 38% off and includes Ticket to Ride, and the Ultimate Pack includes all of both for 25% off.

Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop is 30% off through Steam or direct. Add-ons (adventures and such) are discounted 10% or more.

Barnes & Noble’s Summer Clearance Sale begins on Monday, June 22nd. According to a B&N employee, several boardgame titles including Battlestar Galactica, Android: Netrunner, and Pandemic: In The Lab will be moved to red dot clearance tables at 50% off, then drop a few weeks later to 75% off, and then for $2 a few weeks later. Like previous clearance sales, actual titles will vary by store.

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