galaxy-zegaGalaxy ZEGA is the toys-to-life category applied to head-to-head tank combat. On the toy side are futuristic-looking tracked vehicles in four designs. On the mobile device side, an app (iOS or Android) serves as a player’s remote control for movement and simulated combat.

That fighting, though, is more than simply taking pot shots at each other. Each vehicle has its own balance of attack, defense, and speed, as well as unique “skills” that provide speed boosts, HP recovery, an obscuring fog that partially covers an opponent’s screen, and other benefits. Additional skills are available as upgrades and in-game boosts. One even causes an opponent’s phone to vibrate while they’re trying to use the control panel.

Galaxy ZEGA ships in October. A set with just two vehicles runs $100. A starter set that adds a kind-of maze terrain kit is priced at $150.