Ben and Rett answer questions about copyrighted PDFs (sort of), game conventions in Western Canada (sort of), producing plastic minis terrain(mostly) and more (again, sort of). Then, after 49 episodes, they indulge themselves in a gabfest about their favorite games. No worrying about business, or production or anything other than talking about games they love – gems, dogs and other faves. Why? Because its fun!

Show Links:

Crazy cool minis terrain –

Rett returns from Little Wars with tales of unimaginable – and very small scale – beauty, while Ben yammers on about the arcane art of printing cards for your game. All in a spritely 40 minute (give or take) package!

Slow news week this week, despite GAMA Trade Show! That’s ok though as it gives our feckless heroes a chance to revisit the topic of opening your own game store and hit a few points they couldn’t manage to get in last week. All that, plus…well, just that really.

Show Links:
The Purple Pawn –

Next Show:

April 10th – Ben attempts to demystify card printing.

Paper Money #46: Opening a Game Store

Ben and Rett are back (minus the reverb) to talk about opening a game store. What do you need to know? How much will it cost? Things you never knew about Fixtures and Amenities. All this and the week’s news!

(Sorry for the huge delay getting this show out. After 45 episodes it finally happened. We had a recording with bad audio that I couldn’t fix and had to use. Also, I had a fever.)

In this show: Some news, David Miller recaps his trip to New York Toy Fair on behalf of the Purple Pawn and Ben and Rett review the upcoming shows for 2011 and recommend who should go based on whether they are game designers, retailers, or game companies. Note that Ben’s audio is fine, but Rett and Dave on the Skype channel have an annoying reverb. You can get used to it. I swear…

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The guys talk some news (toy fair), some listener mail (toy fair), and about a certain show in New York this week (toy fair). That said, they also cover a fair amount of other topics including Purple Pawn’s industry survey and the usual pointless digressions, thickheaded observations, and dunderheaded predictions. All in a convenient 40 minute (ish) format.

Next Show: February 25th (ish). We’ll be talking with the Purple Pawn’s David Miller about his visit to Toy Fair and the startup costs for a retail store.

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Ben and Rett decide to wait one more show to talk about NY Toy Fair and instead ponder the Star Wars license and delve into some excellent reader mail about why you can’t find game sales figures on the Internet and more. All wrapped in a cozy blanket of friendly banter and, as is becoming the norm, weekly corrections! This is another long show, running just under an hour long. Plenty of entertainment value for your commute, lunch break, or other listening time!

Paper Money #42: 2011 Predictions

Happy New Year! We’re back with predictions for 2011 – ours and our listeners! (Be forewarned! We make up for skipping a show with an extra long 90 minute show this week.) Also, we talk about the new and, in general, shoot the breeze about the game business.

Next show: January 29th – New York Toy Fair

Ben and Rett go where most pundits don’t dare: revisiting their predictions for the year. First, they tackle their predictions for 2010 to see how they held up. Then, the dynamic duo discusses important products in each product category. AND, they want YOUR predictions for 2011 to include in their 2011 Predictions show, coming January 14th. (Note: there will be no December 31 show. Believe it or not, Ben and Rett have lives outside the podcast and plan to be busy that day!)

Next Show: January 14th, 2011 Predictions.

It ain’t easy bein’ green, as Kermit the Frog once sang, but Ben and Rett talk about Hasbro’s new green effort. Also, lots of news and commentary about niche market games – and how you can make money in small places! (Everyone: Sorry for the late posting. Real Life and eBay have intervened with our placid gaming and podcast schedule!)

Next Show:
December 17th: 2010 Recap.

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