Hasbro Pie FaceHasbro was apparently inspired as much as the thousands of people who saw the video below and flooded stores in the U.K. to purchase Pie Face. Today the company announced a license from Rocket Games to manufacture and distributed Pie Face in multiple markets, including the U.S. and U.K.

It’s a simple game: fill the device with whipped cream, spin the spinner, twist the trigger knob the number of times indicated, and pray you don’t get a pie in the face.

Pie Face, which Hasbro also sold back in the 1960s, will retail for $20 in U.S. and should be available as early as this October.

Pie Face

Pie Face actionRocket Games is bringing Pie Face to the UK market. Its debut is set for London Toy Fair later this month, where the game will be on-display in the booth of distributor, Esdevium Games.

Pie Face has players load a throwing arm with cream, slide their heads through a mask, and then turn the handles a number of clicks set by a spinner. Eventually, someone gets a pie in the face. And when isn’t that fun?

Pie Face is already sold in Holland and Belgium, and, in fact, was sold by Hasbro in the United States during the 1960s.