As reported by MTV, the newest entry in to the collectible dexterity game field is Marvel Slingers by Upper Deck. Do you think the market for pre-teen boys might already be saturated with Bakugan, Beyblades, Ninjago, DaGeDar, and Warstone? Well, apparently Upper Deck doesn’t think so.

Anyway, the Slingers game involves using a magnetized, ball-shaped, yo-yo-type device to pick up collectible medallions. Note how easy the slingers work in this exciting commercial. It’s all due to the high-tech, spark-inducing “Energy Shield” built in to each slinger.

Interestingly, Slingers seems to have first appeared as just a toy (no game) for The Last Airbender and distributed by Spin Master. With the addition of the medallion game element, Slingers was marketed at the last Toy Fair by Corinthian. But that company has since gone belly-up. In the UK and Australia, Star Wars Slingers are sold by Basic Concepts.